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07.03.15 / Movies At Dundrum

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We are looking for cult film quotes from around the globe and we would like to hear your favourite film lines from as many international films you can quote. So choose a film from a country where you are from, a film that has a cult status and share the original line with us!

Your favourite one, the one that everyone will instantly recognize in the country where the film was made or beyond!  If you speak English, Irish, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese or in fact any of the languages from the 38 countries with their films in the festival - we would love to hear from you - it is going to be loads of fun! Please remember we want you to quote the line from a cult film in your own language!*

You will be filmed by our amazing JDIFF TV crew this coming Saturday (7th of March) in Movies@Dundrum between 10am and 12:30pm. If you want to take part and become a face of our World Cult_UR Video just fill in this form by Thursday evening with your favourite film quote and few other details, and we will get back to you on Friday with the details of the shoot. (Please note the festival is over 18's only and submitting this form will not guarantee your participation in the video shoot. We will be in touch with selected entrants and as a thank you we are offering two tickets to a Special Presentation of Your Choice in return for your time and help filming !)

Thank you so much for taking part!

Kamil Chechlacz

Marketing Manager

*author of this post has a difficult to choose from, selection of quotes from "Rejs" (1970) a real cult film from Poland

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