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Picture House - DIFF 2015’s Outreach Programme

This year's Picture House was a wonderful success. With seven hospitals and care centres amongst the programme, we were thrilled to bring a little DIFF to audiences that may not have been able to particpate otherwise. When customers bought tickets to the festival many opted to make a voluntary donation. That donation funds the vibrant parts of the festival where we don't charge a box office, such as the Picture House programme. Thank you sincerely to all who helped make this happen.

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Celebrate the Story, Share the Adventure - Give Feedback

We would like to thank all of you who came to the festival and celebrated the art of film with us this year. We are delighted that we could share this 11 day adventure with all of you - our audience, our Irish and International guests and the City of Dublin. We have been chatting to you a lot over past months and this time we would love to ask you to share some of your insights, opinions and suggestions with us, so we can make your festival even better in 2016!

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