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Films You Don’t See


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Film festivals are increasingly important in the world of film. With changing mechanics of distribution and the sheer amount of film-making gems produced around the world, we at JDIFF are proud to be Ireland's premier film festival - each year we bring over 140 films and almost 100 international guests to Dublin.

Our Festival Director works tirelessly throughout the year to bring the best selection of International and Irish cinema to our audiences. The festival is fully curated and gives a fantastic opportunity to every audience member to take a risk and dive in into the myriad of choices and to rely on recommendations made by Grainne. (The whole programme is a unique recommendation really!)

I am writing this as I came across a list of Empire's "20 Great Films You (Probably) Didn't see in 2014"  and I am so happy to see so many titles listed there that were brought to Dublin by Grainne and had its Irish premiere at our Dublin festival.  But also there are other films that outside of JDIFF would not be seen by the audiences in Ireland and among the multi awarding films which received their single Irish screening in DIFF are:

The Gambler - 4 international awards
Concrete Night - 6 Finnish Film Awards
Gabrielle - 9 Film Canadian Awards
A Street in Palermo - 5 Venice Awards
Inequality for All - Sundance Jury Award

The Dublin festival is an experience. Let the programme guide you. Immerse yourself in it and you will be able to get the real spectrum of the film industry, the mosaic of colours from around the globe and even more because you shall get something unique, an experience that will stay with you - NO matter how much you know about film. This is the power of film. This is JDIFF.

I just wanted to end this post with a quote from John Hurt from an interview with JDIFF TV in 2014  : "We are enormously reliant on film festivals, the discussions that take place at film festivals and the advertising that happens at film festivals, for films that otherwise would not be seen"

So get your Early Bird Season Tickets, Gala Passes or Gift Vouchers for yourself or your film-loving friends now, and start counting the days until this film feast begins in March 2015.

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Kamil Chechlacz | Marketing Manager & JDIFF Fan

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